“Music is a collection of tones, sounds, rhythms, lyrics… arranged with all the elements or any combination thereof, including utilizing silence, dissonance, and harmonies that create emotional responses and reactions.” – Keith Nelson


Charlie Puth – One Call Away Disney
Andrea Bocelli – Cinemas Historia de Amor
Shania Twain – Man I Feel Like A Woman
Ariana Grande – Zerro To Hero

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KeithMy first instrument of choice was tenor saxophone. In 1971, at Torrejon Air force Base (Madrid, Spain), under the direction of Mr. Swift, I discovered a talent and a love for playing instruments. Students had to learn rhythms before being allowed to touch any instrument. Next was the embouchure, and learning how to develop a sound on the mouthpiece. Music was fascinating; within a few months of my 6th grade school year I was 1st chair tenor saxophone in the concert band. By the 7th grade, along with being 1st chair Tenor Saxophone, I was holding challenge chairs in the trumpet, flute, and clarinet sections of the middle school concert band. My family lived in base housing. One of our neighbors had a rock band, and not too far from where we lived was an R&B soul band. Both bands were populated with really cool teenage musicians. The Bass player in the soul band, Charles Gulliam, allowed my brother and I to tag along with him from time to time, and watch his group rehearse. Armed Forces Radio was the connection to the musical world at that time; Jazz, Opera, Soul, Rock, Country Western and everything in between was what I listened to. (There was basically no television; all you could do was read and listen!) In 1973, my father was reassigned to Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, Nevada. I played saxophone in the Eldorado High School Concert and Jazz Band under the direction of Pete Cameron, and in Dr. Kay Jensen’s Pop group through my sophomore year. During my high school sophomore year, the school’s main bassist had to leave the school, which left a huge void that needed to be filled. I volunteered to play bass if the school music program could purchase one for me to practice on. A Gibson Grabber was what showed up. Practicing throughout the summer before my junior year, I began to turn into a bass player. I attended UNLV in 1978 on a saxophone scholarship. At the same time, I auditioned for the award winning Jazz Ensemble #1 and won the chair. (Director Frank Gagliardi) I continued on saxophone throughout my sophomore year then switched to bass, primarily for the remainder of my degree, which was a B.A. in Theory and Composition with a minor in Education. Graduating UNLV in 1983, God Almighty blessed me with a world tour with disco Queen, Donna Summer. The story is still being written… please enjoy my site!

Born in:

Pontiac Michigan 08/07/1960


Eldorado High school Las Vegas Nevada 1973-1978 (A/B Honor Roll), UNLV BA 19-78- 1983 (1985), Continuing Ed – Education degree and certification (14 credits remaining)

Resided in:

Pontiac Michigan, Orlando Florida, Boulder Colorado, Denver Colorado, Norfolk Virginia, Madrid Spain, Las Vegas Nevada, Los Angeles California. And then back in Las Vegas since 1989.

Worked with: [* Via David Foster ** Video Sample available (R) Recorded with TT Tour and Television]

**Adam Levine, **Andrea Bocelli, **Andy Grammar,**Arianna Grande, *Baby Face, *Bill Ross, *Charice, *Celo Green, *Chaka Kahn -LV Show “Signed Sealed Delivered,” **Charlie Puth, *Chris Boti, David Cassidy, **David Foster, **Diana Ross, **Dino (R), **Donna Summer (R), Frank Wildhorn, Gladys Knight-Recorded “Guilty” Just for you Album/CD, *Jacki Evancho, **Jason Durelo, *Josh Groban, *Kenny G,*Kenny Loggins, Little Anthony and the Imperials (R) Live work, **Mary J. Blige, Melissa Manchaster Sign Sealed Delivered LV, **Michael Buble, *Natalie Cole (R) Dangerous CD, Nell Carter TT, **Neyo, *Paul Anka, Peaches and Herb (R) PeBo Bryson- Signed Sealed Delivered LV, *Peter Cetera, *Phillip Bailey, **Reba McEntire, *Ricky Martin, **Rod Stewart, *Sarah Maclachlan, **Seal, **Shania Twain (R) TT, Sheena Easton, **Sting, **Tory Kelly, *Usher, Wayne Newton. Will Downing (R)

National Tours:

Donna Summer 1983-1989, Nell Carter 1984-1989, Dino 1989-1991, Diana Ross 1991- 1995, David Cassidy 2002, Shania Twain 2013-2015, David Foster 2011 – present

Las Vegas Shows:

Folies Bergere Relief Band, Lido De Paris Relief Band, American Superstars, David Cassidy and Sheena Easton, Steven Lee Group, Signed Seal Delivered featuring Chaka Kahn, Gordie Brown, Disney’s The Lion King, Clint Holmes at the Smith Center

Current Local Activities:

Subwork, Sante Fe and the Big City Horns, Lon Bronsons Allstar Review, David Perrico’s Pop Strings, Wayne Newton, Jersey Boys, Susan Anton, Donnie & Marie

Countries That My Musical Career Has Afforded Me To Visit:

Almost every State in America, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil (Rio de Janeiro), Canada (east – west) China, England, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea (south), Malaysia, Nova Scotia, Peru, Poland, Scotland, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, and Whales.



Keith NelsonMy 1st encounter with the Spirit of Jesus Christ was at age 3. My family was relocating to Boulder, Colorado from Orlando, Florida. My brother and I attended our church’s Sunday school while we lived in Orlando. Somewhere along our road trip to Boulder, Colorado we stopped at a rest stop that was along the highway. I wondered off by myself over to some bushes. An old lady with hair that looked blue to me suddenly appeared. She spoke to me about Jesus Christ and impressed upon me that Jesus doesn’t just live inside church buildings, but in our hearts. Right after she told me that, my mom showed up. (She was probably looking for me.) The blue haired woman was gone. About 7 to 8 years later, when I was in Spain, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. At age 24 I made the commitment to his Lordship and began disciplining myself to follow him. The Lord impressed upon me the need to know his Word so that I would know he and his Word are one and the same.
Residing in Van Nuys, California, I found Church On the Way (Foursquare denomination) and Pastor Jack Hayford. This was my fellowship and learning home from 1985-1989. I served there as a Sunday school teacher and then as a musician. Relocating back to Las Vegas, the Spirit led my wife, Brandi, and I to a Foursquare denomination church. We began attending Oasis Christian Fellowship, which led to serving on the worship team, then I became the worship leader/director of music. I served as a council member, then was trusted to serve as an Elder, and then was ordained Pastor in 2008. I began as a Minister/Wedding Officiant that same year for the Paris Hotel Wedding Chapel. In 2009-2010 we led a home church that eventually grew too big for us to continue meeting in our home. We were blessed with a storefront room we could afford, where we set up through most of 2010.
By the end of 2010, we sensed the Spirit leading us to focus on our children more. So we turned the ministry over to two other capable Pastors. We continue to serve Jesus as the Holy Spirit directs, always ready and happy to share the love of God with any and all who has ears to hear. God Loves you and is worthy to be praised.


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